AmeriCandy Company, Inc., the brainchild of founder Omar L. Tatum, definitely mixes business with pleasure. The home of America’s finest candy. Visitors are invited to “Tour America” through an extensive line of confections representing flavors indigenous to each of the 50 states. From the dark chocolate butter creams of Delaware to the milk chocolate cashew clusters of Alabama, guests are encouraged to explore America not with a knapsack and compass but with a napkin and sweet tooth.

Tatum, a Louisville native, created a limited-edition box of Modjeskas (marshmallows dipped in caramel). Modjeskas were originally concocted by Louisville candy maker Anton Busath, who had become infatuated with Polish actress Helen Modjeska after her 1882 performance at Macaulay Theater.

The perfect gift for any occasion, AmeriCandy’s large assortment of candy and confections is beautifully packaged for all needs and budgets. For a delicious adventure, call Omar (The Candy Man) Tatum at (502) 583-1776.

As founder of AmeriCandy Company, Inc., I am delighted to welcome you on a “Tour of America Through Candy.” I personally encourage you to sample the delicious candy & confections available in beautifully designed AmeriCandy boxes representing each state, region and the USA AmeriCandies are unconditionally guaranteed for freshness and quality. A “Tour of America Through Candy” is a unique way to enjoy all of the United States and if I can assist you with your tour, please contact me.