ARIK: AmeriCandy Retail Interactive Kiosk

ARIK is the latest brainchild from Omar (The Candy Man) Tatum and will soon be available for your “candy” shopping pleasure in Malls, Outlet Malls, Big Box Stores, and Travel Stores as well as other quality retailers in the USA.

ARIK offers the consumer a FREE Tour of American through candy while purchasing the AmeriCandy brand of chocolates and multi-flavored hard candies by state designation.

As a bonus the consumer can also purchase quality candies from featured candy companies, selected by AmeriCandy in all fifty state locations. Also included in this latest candy marketing concept are valuable coupons from the Mall Vendors where ARIK’S are found.

For more details on owning an ARIK STATE MASTER LICENSE , call The Candy Man at 502-583-1776.