Busting a Move in Washington to Sell White Cranberry Clusters in Olympic Sculpture Park


Space Needle Photo Credit: en.wikipedia.org

If you love coffee, you’ll love the state of Washington. Of course I believe that chocolate and coffee are a beautiful marriage of flavors. Last time I was in Seattle, the biggest city in the state, I visited the first Starbucks. Since then I’ve had to have a Pikes Peak cup of coffee at least once a week. Inspired by my past trip, I decided to stop into the historic store. A nice barista greeted me and asked for my order. I loved how they put my name on the cup and asked how my day was going. On my trips I always try to show care and consideration like those at Starbucks. I asked the crew if they liked chocolate. To make their day extra happy, I left them a dozen White Cranberry Clusters. As I walked out the door with my coffee, the barista yelled thank you and said “come back any time you’d like Jim Candy! Your next drink is on us!” It’s so nice to make friends during my travels. Instead of enjoying my drink sitting down, I headed to a few of my Washington destinations, both located in Seattle: the Space Needle and Seattle Olympic Sculpture Park.

I’m sort of scared of heights. Even though I do crazy things, I’m always a little nervous. When I think back on things I’ve done like base jumping or riding to the top of the St. Louis Arch, I hardly recognize myself. But, I love to have fun. The Seattle Space Needle is very famous in the United States. Always a landmark for Washington, the needle raises a total of 605 feet in the air. I decided to ride to the top and get some great views of the city. While on the observation deck, I looked down at the city. People looked like ants and I thought about how crazy life can get. Sometimes all I need is to slow down and take in the sites. Somehow being up in the air above the rest of the world puts things in perspective. I took out a White Cranberry Cluster and took a picture with the city in the background for my Instagram. I know my fans will love this picture! Perhaps it will make them hungry for even more chocolate? Before long I realized the sun was beginning to set. I needed to get to my next stop quick.
On my way to Seattle Olympic Sculpture Park, I stopped at Starbucks and ordered another cup of coffee. I needed the caffeine for what I was going to do next. When I got to the park, which is located in the middle of the city, I took out my boom box. I had learned a new dance that was going to get passerby excited about my White Cranberry Clusters. At the sound of the hip hop music, I twirled and practiced cartwheels. I tried my best at breakdancing and before I knew it there was a crowd. When I finished dancing, I was met with lots of applause. The White Cranberry Clusters were completely sold out and I was too tired to even think of my next state. I think Washington was a success!