Riding a Harley Motorcycle All Around Wisconsin While Selling Dark Pecan Caramel Patties


Harley Davidson Museum Photo Credit: en.wikipedia.org

Ever since I got to ride on a motorcycle a few states back I’ve been begging my friends at AmeriCandy to let me ride a Harley Davidson. As a thank you for all of my hard work, they granted my wish while I was selling Dark Pecan Caramel Patties in Wisconsin! Along with letting me rent a beautiful Harley, they handed me a schedule with fun places to stop while on my trip. I glanced at the paper and smiled. They know me all too well!

I rode up to the city of Milwaukee and as I got closer and closer to the Harley-Davidson Museum I got more and more excited. I’ve loved motorcycles ever since college when I first rode a friend of mines. I love the feel of the wind blowing in my face and I love going fast. I’m sure many people think I look funny when on the motorcycle because I’m a massive candy bar, but I always wave and make new friends with my Dark Pecan Caramel Patties.

The museum had over 450 motorcycles and artifacts. When I purchased my ticket, the woman said to make sure to see the very first Harley ever produced. I couldn’t believe that there was such a rich history around motorcycles. After browsing for about an hour, I realized I was getting really hungry. I grabbed a burger at Cafe Racer. While looking for a seat, I noticed a family. I smiled and they invited me to sit with them. They had owned motorcycles their entire life and had two grown children. Introducing themselves as Hazel and Eddy, they explained that they had owned twenty different Harley’s between the two of them! I asked lots of questions while enjoying my burger and learned that the couple had driven across the country with bikes. I told them what I did. Hazel was excited to learn that I had been to all fifty states. “We hope to hit Alaska and Hawaii,” she explained, “those are the only two we haven’t been to!” I handed them some of my Dark Pecan Caramel Patties as a thank you for their hospitality and made my way to the first Harley. It was so neat! Before leaving I took a few pictures and bought a Harley shirt.
With plenty of gas and open road, I headed out to the next destination given to me by AmeriCandy, the Bay Beach Amusement Park. When I arrived there was a stall for me to display all of my chocolates, highlighting Wisconsin’s Dark Chocolate Caramel Patties. I was shocked at how many different families came and purchased boxes and boxes. Before I had to leave, I decided to ride the swings. Located near, Green Bay, this historic amusement park is one of the oldest attractions in the area. While on the swings, I looked over the water and ate a few of my favorite chocolates. This is the life!