Riding on Tolleys & Learning About North Dakota With Friends


Fort Lincoln State Park Photo Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Abraham_Lincoln

North Dakota is filled with lots of fun things to see and do. The people who live there have a lot of pride about the state in which they live. I drove to a gas station and walked inside. The man who greeted me couldn’t believe that a massive candy bar was entering his little store! After explaining my job at Americandy and offering him some of my Milk Coconut Creams, he told me that to truly learn about North Dakota, I should check out the North Dakota Heritage Center. He asked for a picture to show his wife of us together. It was fun taking a selfie with this man and I gave him some extra chocolates to share with his family.

The North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum tells the tale of the state and is dedicated to all things that make it special. Learning about the history of North Dakota, I walked through three of the main exhibits: the Adaption Gallery, the Innovation Gallery, and the Inspiration Gallery. It was fascinating to see how the dinosaurs ruled the land and how the Ice Age affected the state. My favorite part of the museum was the Treehouse exhibit. I loved being able to be a make-believe pilot and fly a plane over North Dakota. While sitting in the Treehouse, a little boy named Alex approached me. He had just learned about being a firefighter in the interactive Treehouse exhibit and was extra hungry. “Being a firefighter is hard work,” he explained. “I think I need a bite to eat.” Luckily for him, I had a few extra Milk Coconut Creams laying around from earlier. We sat in the Treehouse and watched over visitors while munching on some great chocolate. After a few bites I asked Alex if he wanted to come with me to see the Fort Lincoln Trolley. After getting permission from his mom, we were on our way to another fun site!

Fort Lincoln State Park is a beautiful place to visit while in North Dakota. Alex and I wore matching t-shirts that we bought at the Heritage Center. While on the trolley ride, we were able to see nine miles all around the park along the Heart River. Restored from the 1890s, the trolley was a really neat way to get around. Halfway through our journey, we began selling chocolate. Alex had fun hollering at people along our journey and every time we stopped we would sell chocolate by the pound. Once our nine mile trip was complete, we were out of chocolate. Even though Alex had loved playing a firefighter earlier on at the Heritage Center, he told me he also wouldn’t mind being a chocolate salesman like me someday. “Why do you have to be one or the other,” I told him “Be both!”